Lynden Township has adopted Stearns County Zoning Ordinance #439 by reference.  In addition, Lynden Township has adopted ordinances that are more restrictive than Stearns County’s ordinances.
The township has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Stearns County that delineates responsibility for ordinance enforcement.
Lynden Township Zoning & Subdivision Ordinances were last updated in July of 2018.
All ordinances and the MOU are available by clicking the links below (click on the blue ordinance titles):

County & Township Zoning Ordinances:
Stearns County Ordinance #439 – Zoning Ordinance
Stearns County Ordinance #439 Appendices
Lynden Township Ordinance #7 – Land Use and Zoning Ordinance

Township & County Subdivision Ordinances:
Lynden Township Ordinance #8 – Subdivision Ordinance
Lynden Township Ordinance #12 – Road and Right-of-Way Specifications
Stearns County Ordinance #230 – Subdivision Ordinance

Memorandum of Understanding with Stearns County

Additional Township Ordinances:
Lynden Township Animal Control Ordinance #00-12
Lynden Township Public Nuisance Ordinance #05-01
Lynden Township Ordinance #4 – Parking Prohibition Ordinance
Lynden Township Ordinance #10 – Administrative Enforcement Ordinance
Lynden Township Ordinance #5 – Adopting the State Building Code
Lynden Township Ordinance #11 – Building Permit Fee Ordinance
Lynden Township Ordinance #9 – Adopting the State Fire Code
Lynden Township Ordinance #13 – Setting Township Fees

Any Current Interim Ordinances Are Available Here:
(None on Record at this Time)

Paper copies of ordinances are available for a fee either for pick up at the township hall or via mail by contacting the clerk at 320-774-8507 or clerk@lyndentownship.net.