Planning Commission

The Lynden Township Planning Commission currently consists of five positions: a Planning Commission Chair, a Planning Administrator and three Planning Commissioners. Planning Commissioners are appointed by the Township Board to five year terms.

The Planning Commission serves as a recommending body to the Township Board. The Planning Commission conducts site visits, creates findings of fact, and makes recommendations to the Township Board for conditional use permit and variance applications. In addition, the Planning Commission completes site visits for properties that are under consideration for subdivision in accordance with the township’s subdivision ordinance.

When ordinances and the comprehensive plan are reviewed and updated, the Planning Commission and Township Board meet jointly to research and determine appropriate updates. The Planning Commission and board recently reviewed the township’s standards for commercial breeding and boarding kennels and updated the township’s zoning and subdivision ordinances. Future plans include updating the Township’s Comprehensive Plan.

The Board and Planning Commission meet as needed typically on the last Monday of the month. If you are interested in the process of developing growth policies for this township, your are encouraged to apply for a position on the Planning Commission.

All are welcome to attend any of the Lynden Township Planning Commission meetings. As always, they are open to the public. The meetings will be posted at the town hall or contact one of the Supervisors or Planning Commissioners for meeting dates and times.

Lynden Township Planning Commission

James Kantor, Planning & Zoning Administrator, 320-281-9339 or email: james.kantor @

Jeff Westrum, Planning Commission Chairman, 320-274-6067 or email jeff.westrum @
Term expires 2028

Greg Halverson, Planning Commissioner, 320-274-3970
Term expires 2026
Gary Stang, Planning Commissioner, 320-558-2112
Term expires 2027
Todd Voigt, Planning Commissioner, 320-241-7575
Term expires 2024
Monte Helget, Planning Commissioner, 612-735-7008
Term expires 2025