Planning & Zoning Applications

Click on the blue title of an application to access it to fill out information and for printing.
Information can be entered directly into the applications online or can be printed and handwritten. Even if the information is added directly, all forms must be printed and must include an original signature. Once the required information is completed please print your application, sign it and submit it by one of the following options:

  • Mail to the Township Clerk at 20517 Woodbine Road Clearwater, MN 55320
  • Scan it and email to the clerk at (Payment must be submitted separately by mail or via the town hall drop box.)
  • Drop in the township communication box located by the front door to the town hall (if you use this option please email or call James at 320-281-9339 or the Clerk at 320-774-8507 to notify them to pick it up)

IMPORTANT NOTES: Applications will not be processed until the appropriate payment has been submitted along with the application.  (Fees are listed at the top of each application.) All applications must include an original (non-electronic) signature. Site plan drawings on a separate sheet are required to be submitted with applications (where noted).

Land Use Applications:

Conditional or Interim Use Permit Application

Variance Application

Lynden Township has more restrictive standards for kennels.  If you are applying for a kennel conditional use permit (CUP) please include the CUP application above plus a supplemental kennel application.

Supplemental Kennel CUP Application

Rezoning Application / Process

Subdivision of Land Applications:
Administrative Subdivision Application
Preliminary Plat Application
Final Plat Application

Other Planning & Zoning Applications:
Stormwater Management Plan Application