Rezoning Process

The Zoning of a property defines what a property can be used for by ordinance. Lynden Township has the following Zoning Districts:
– Agricultural A-40
– Commercial
– Industrial
– Residential R-1
– Residential R-5
– Residential R-10
– Scenic River

To find out more information on what you can do with your property, visit the Stearns County Ordinance #439 or Lynden Township Ordinance #7.

Rezoning is pretty simple but does require a process that take months to complete. You will need to seek approval from both Lynden Township and Stearns County.

For more information, please contact either Stearns County Environmental Services (320-656-3613) or our Lynden Township Planning & Zoning Administrator, James Kantor, at 320-281-9339 or

To Rezone your property, you would need to:
1) Contact Stearns County or Lynden Township to discuss your zoning needs.
2) Fill out the Lynden Township Rezoning Request Application and submit it to the township by with the fee of $350.
3) Meet with the Planning Commission for a site visit, review and recommendation to the Lynden Township Board of Supervisors. The Lynden Township Planning Commission reviews the application to see if it meets the Lynden Township Comprehensive Plan and answers the questions on the Stearns County Township Rezoing Recommendation form.
4) Meet with the Lynden Township Board of Supervisors during the next scheduled monthly meeting for a recommendation to Stearns County. They will review the findings from the Planning Commission above and fill out the response for the Board of Supervisors to Stearns County.
5) Fill out the Stearns County Application for Rezoning and meet with a representative from Stearns County Environmental Services.
6) Attend a public hearing with the Stearns County Planning Commission.

To submit an application, please do one of the following:

  • Mail to the Township Clerk at 20517 Woodbine Road Clearwater, MN 55320
  • Scan it and email to (Payment must be submitted separately by mail or via the town hall drop box.)
  • Drop in the township communication box located by the front door to the town hall (if you use this option please email or call James at 320-281-9339 or the Clerk at 320-774-8507 to notify them to pick it up)