Splitting of Land / Subdivision Ordinance

Lynden Township Subdivision Ordinance #8 was reviewed and updated in 2018 by the Planning Commission and Township Board. Stearns County revised their Subdivision Ordinance #230 and the township revised the ordinance to coincide with the County’s revisions.

The Township’s Subdivision Ordinance was originally adopted in the mid-2000’s and was written to address the growth that was occurring at the time.

The revisions simplified the subdivision process at the township level.

The County has changed their definitions for “major” and “minor” plats. Under the revised subdivision ordinance, plats that Stearns County considers “minor” will not be subject to the requirements of the Township’s Subdivision Ordinance.  Proposed subdivisions with 6 or more lots, or where a road will be constructed, will be required to follow Subdivision Ordinance #8.  In addition, those subdivisions (defined as “Township Major” subdivisions) will trigger a public informational meeting that will be held at the local level.

For all major subdivisions, a joint meeting between the developer, a representative from Stearns County Environmental Services, and a representative from Lynden Township is required.

If you are interested in splitting land, please contact Stearns County Environmental Services at 320-656-3613 to start the process.

If you are not proposing a subdivision defined as “major”, contact the township clerk, board chair, or planning commission chair to discuss the township’s procedure.