Splitting of Land / Subdivision Process

The Subdivision process was simplified by Lynden Township and Stearns County revisions to Lynden Township Subdivision Ordinance #8 and Stearns County  Subdivision Ordinance #230.

If you would like to subdivide your property first you need to determine how many new parcels you want to create.

Minor Plat (Administrative Subdivision) – Has less than 2 additional building sites
A Minor plat is a plat with less than two (2) new building sites containing no more than one additional lot intended for building site density or a plat that only delineates existing parcels. You can also use a Minor plat to redraw property lines.

For a Minor Plat (or Adminsitrative Subdivision) you would want to visit our Administrative Subdivision Page.

Moderate Plat – Has 2 – 5 additional building sites
A Township Moderate Plat has 2 to 5 additional building sites. You would want to read Section 4 of the Lynden Township Subdivision Ordinance #8. You must start the process with a meeting with the Lynden Township Planning Commission Chair, Jeff Westrum.

Major Plat – Has 6 or more building sites
For all major subdivisions, you would want to start with Section 3 of the Lynden Tonwship Subdivision Ordinance #8. A joint meeting between the developer, a representative from Stearns County Environmental Services, and a representative from Lynden Township is required.

If you are interested in splitting land with a Major Plat, please contact Stearns County Environmental Services at 320-656-3613 to start the process.

Subdivision of Land Applications:
Administrative Subdivision Application (minor)
Preliminary Plat Application
Final Plat Application

To submit an application, please do one of the following:

  • Mail to the Township Clerk at 20517 Woodbine Road Clearwater, MN 55320
  • Scan it and email to the clerk at planning@lyndentownship.net (Payment must be submitted separately by mail or via the town hall drop box.)
  • Drop in the township communication box located by the front door to the town hall (if you use this option please email planning@lyndentownship.net or call James at 320-281-9339 or the Clerk at 320-774-8507 to notify them to pick it up)